Proven Pitch Deck That Won Investors Heart - For Business Take Over, Buyout, M&A
Originally published: 22/09/2020 12:36
Publication number: ELQ-88789-1
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Proven Pitch Deck That Won Investors Heart - For Business Take Over, Buyout, M&A

Learn to Win the Heart of Investors with 7 simple pages.

Need to pitch some investors for your business take over / M&A plan in near future ? check this ready to customize pitch deck for your needs.

What you will get is a super simple pitch deck that actually used & proven to attract several discussions with private equities, and fund managers back in 2018.

The pitch deck contains 7 pages (including cover & end slide), which takes only 30 seconds to read & understand the whole business propositions. It's packed with numbers but not overwhelm the person who read them, accompanied by the story behind those numbers.

Keep in mind that Investors are busy people & flooded with numerous business pitch on daily business, so give them a pitch deck that only takes 30 seconds to read & understand, as well as attracted to your business propositions.

This pitch deck is used for Regional Airlines Take Over plan back in 2018, but can also be used for other business sectors, buyout, acquisitions, merger, selling your business, etc, basically for any running business. Not very suitable for start-up pitching though.

Need more assistance to customize or crunch your numbers? Just send your questions to:

Enjoy !!!

This Best Practice includes
1 Power Point File with 7 slides

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Further information

This pitch deck template can assist you to prepare your business case for take over, buyout, or M&A to be proposed & pitched to investors & private equity firms. It's easy to customize with your own numbers & story, and very simple and easy to understand.

This pitch deck is best for running business, in the event of buyout, take over or M&A.

This pitch deck is not suitable for start-up pitching.

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