Low Cost Business Models – overview
Originally published: 29/07/2020 19:31
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Low Cost Business Models – overview

Low Cost Business Models helped disrupt many industries. In this presentation I will show main characterstics.

The success of many companies depends on figuring out a clever way to grow, earn or operate that will change drastically change the game, stack the cards in their favor. There are many interesting business hacks that give this result. In this lecture I will show you how one of such business tactics – the low cost models has been successfully implemented in many businesses. This powerful tactic applied has already disrupted many industries like airlines, hotels, retail. One of the best known examples are IKEA, Southwest and Raynair.
In this presentation I will show you main characteristics of low cost business model. You will learn
• How low cost model work?
• How you should build it in your industry?
• Where you have to look for improvements to be competitive?
• How to estimate your competitive advantage using data from your industry?
There will be also examples of low cost firms from different industries
We will have a look at retail, hotels, airlines, fitness clubs and many more. We will also show how they are able to not only generate bigger profits but also do it with smaller assets than their competitors. In this way they gain huge competitive advantage.
This can be still applied in many other industries.

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