9 Box Grid Talent Management Google Sheet Template
Originally published: 26/08/2022 08:10
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9 Box Grid Talent Management Google Sheet Template

Create a 9-box grid for your company with 3 simple steps within minutes using our Google Sheet Template.

The 9 Box grid is essentially a 9-quadrant template to assess the Potential V. Performance of every individual employee in an organization. This is used by HR professionals and senior management as a versatile talent management tool to evaluate current talents and identify future leaders. It shows a clear visual representation of the talent pool of your organization.

The X and Y axes are the performance and potential respectively and each grid represents a pool of employees falling into a certain category, which can be defined per your organizational standards.

With this information plotted on the grid, the identification of candidates with high potential, high performers and the like can be derived, and succession planning, employee recognition, and rewards can be determined. While corrective measures like training and reassessment can be undertaken for employees who are underperformers, in dilemma, etc.,

3 Simple Steps
1. Customize your 9 Box Grid
2. Entering Employee Data
3. View/Interact/Export 9 Box Grid

In short, this 9 Box grid’s objective is to:
1. Recognize and reward high-performing employees
2. Succession planning
3. Identifying underperformers and potential areas of improvement.

This Best Practice includes
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