Financial Statement Analysis Excel Model.
Originally published: 27/04/2020 10:34
Publication number: ELQ-23544-1
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Financial Statement Analysis Excel Model.

Financial Statement Analysis Tool in Microsoft Excel.

This is Excel Based tool which will help you to analyse the financial statements of any company you just have to put the data in the tool then it make all the effort to forecast financials of 5 years after the forecasting of financials it will help to analyses ratios. I have covered all the ratios i.e. Profitability ratios, Operational ratios, Solvency ratios, Growth ratios, Valuation Ratios and Du-Pont Analysis which is very helpful measure to analyse the company performance.

It is based on assumptions values which can be different person to person it has 7 tabs .
1st tab is of Dashboard Tab 2nd is of Historical Tab which is basically of input numbers tab 3r tab is for Projections Tab 4th is of Ratio Analysis 5th Tab is for the computation of Cost of capital 6th Tab is helpful for DCF valuation 7th Tab is for Assumptions and last Tab i.e. 8th Tab is for Competitive analysis.
This is pure Quantitative Tool which will help you figure out the intrinsic value. It is useful for analyse data and the beginners who wanted to start learning of Equity Valuation with quantitative analysis.

It is best to use this tool with the combination of my last practice tool which is more focused on Quality parameters i.e Business Analysis Excel Model.

This Best Practice includes
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Quantitative Analyse Of A company

In Combination With Quality Tool (Business Analysis)



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  • Dionne Gumbs
    Hi does this come with a "how to" guide?
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    • Jatin Goel
      I will Guide you how to use. Consultation charges is free.. for more info please connect me at
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