Digital Marketing Template
Originally published: 29/05/2017 08:09
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Digital Marketing Template

A template for on-going business activity and businesses of all sizes.

Introducing a new and improved marketing template for your business. This is your free template to update and use as you wish.

We are introducing a new and improved marketing template for your organization. You may download it for free, adapt it to your organization and use it for whichever purpose.

Ideally, the template is to be used as a digital guide and strategy for long term business activity, rather than for a short term campaign.

It is also a useful aid when presenting to boards or any colleagues to indicate your goals, and what strategies you will choose to achieve them.

The template, containing 53 slides, consists of the following key items and some additional insights, which are the following:

1. Company Profile
2. Mission, Vision and Values
3. Insights From Previous Year
4. Marketing Strategy Summary
5. Market Analysis
6. Competitor Analysis
7. Competitor Insights
8. Competitor Insights Analysis
9. Personas/Ideal Clients
10. Ideal Client Analysis
11. Client Pain Points
12. Find Your Ideal Client
13. Customer Touch Points
14. Weekly Content Calendar
15. Monthly Content Calendar
16. Social Media Analysis
17. SEO Summary
18. Insights, Tips and Insights
19. International Coverage
20. Goals
21. Smart Goals
22. Marketing Budget
23. Key Roles and Responsibilities
24. Execution Steps

Total: 53 Slides.

-Brynn M Beetge

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