Simon Sinek‘s Golden Circle PowerPoint Template
Originally published: 22/02/2021 08:30
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Simon Sinek‘s Golden Circle PowerPoint Template

A simple powerpoint tool to develop a value proposition for your company with the Golden Circle Model by Simon Sinek.

The Golden Circle Model was developed by Simon Sinek, who famously says, "people don't buy what you do, the buy why you do it"

Most companies communicate wrong by starting with the "what" they do and later work their way to talk about "how" they do what they do and lastly "why".

But great companies - and nearly all inspiring leaders - communicate from inside out, by starting with the "why?". The science behind the Golden Circle is that human beings respond best when messages communicate with the limbic system in the brain that controls emotions and memory.

Why? = The purpose (The core question)
- What is your cause? What is your motivation and believe?

How? = The process
- How do you do it? What is your competitive advantage and makes you special

What? = The result
- What do you do? The What-Ring represents the products or services a company sells

All of the powerpoint slides by are 100% editable without any restrictions.

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