VC Venture Capital Term Sheet Template - NVCA Model

A Series A Preferred Stock VC Term Sheet Template

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This term sheet maps to the NVCA Model Documents, and for convenience the provisions are grouped according to the particular Model Document in which they may be found.

Although this term sheet is perhaps somewhat longer than a "typical" VC Term Sheet, the aim is to provide a level of detail that makes the term sheet useful as both a road map for the document drafters and as a reference source for the business people to quickly find deal terms without the necessity of having to consult the legal documents (assuming of course there have been no changes to the material deal terms prior to execution of the final documents).

Sections included:
1/ Offering Terms
2/ Charter
3/ Stock Purchase Agreement
4/ Investors' Rights Agreement
5/ Right of First Refusal/Co-Sale Agreement
6/ Voting Agreement
7/ Other Matters


This sample document is the work product of a national coalition of attorneys who specialize in venture capital financings, working under the auspices of the NVCA. This document is intended to serve as a starting point only, and should be tailored to meet your specific requirements. This document should not be construed as legal advice for any particular facts or circumstances. Note that this sample document presents an array of (often mutually exclusive) options with respect to particular deal provisions.

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1 Word Venture Capital Term Sheet Template

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