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How To Find Investors For Your Business

Video by Ask Jay advising you on how to get your idea in front of an investor based on past experience.

In this video, Jay aims to answer the question, "How do I get my idea in front of a VC or Angel Investor?"

It can be difficult to break in to the "who you know" club in investing. Venture Capitalists and Angels seem really inaccessible. You read about them in the newspapers, and so it's hard to imagine that you would be able to get your idea and pitch in front of them.

Jay provides some tips on what has worked for him and his network in the past. He goes through the following points in detail, giving actionable ways of following through.

1. VCs are desperate to find you.
2. VCs are constantly hunting for entrepreneurs.
3. Figure out who your local investors are.
4. Go to the events that these VCs are involved in.
5. Be prepared with a 30 second pitch.
6. Get together with other entrepreneurs and team up with them. There's power in numbers.
7. Be confident.
8. Persistance is key.

Length: 8 minutes 53 seconds

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