Football Field Valuation Excel Template
Originally published: 15/06/2018 12:13
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Football Field Valuation Excel Template

Excel Template for a Football Field Valuation

The football field chart is one of the most popular and common parts of an investment banking pitchbook.

A football field chart is used in order to demonstrate different parts of a valuation analysis side by side, making them easily comparable. This will give your clients the chance to see the full context of a company's valuation, based on a series of different factors.

Once a valuation analysis has taken place, the football field is often used in order to succinctly visualise and demonstrate the data that has been collected through this valuiation.

A standard football field includes:

- DCF Valuation
- LBO Analysis
- Comparable Company Analysis
- Comparable Transaction Analysis
- Trading 52-week high and low
- Liquidation analysis
- Sum of the Parts Analysis

Thus, by using this template in conjunction with the video demonstration, you will be able to construct a football field chart that succinctly visualise's the valuation data.

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