Originally published: 14/09/2018 14:57
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3 Tips: How to Stay Organized & Productive While Traveling for Work

Tips and advice on How to Stay Organized and Productive While Traveling for Work

"...Now I can make videos just like this, very exciting. So because I travel so much I've come up with a way to keep myself productive and not to be constantly on vacation mode and that is to have the mindset that this is not a vacation. I'm working, I might be somewhere else, but I'm working. Also I would like to note that there are sea lions making strange noises right off the balcony so if you hear noises that sound like cows, it's not cows, its sea lions technically. There are the sea lions let me zoom.
Okay, tip number one is that I always workout. I set an alarm and I go and workout. Yesterday I ran 5 miles on the beach, which is awesome, and today I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and some stretching because I have a flight later today, so, you have to work-out.
Okay, tip number two is that you have to eat healthily, you cannot eat like trash. When I get to the hotel, I go shopping and I buy fruits, or like healthy bars, or I bring protein shakes, and I make sure that I eat healthy. Otherwise, you're gonna feel like trash..."

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