Retail Inventory Management Template
Originally published: 01/03/2018 15:06
Publication number: ELQ-92614-1
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Retail Inventory Management Template

Detailed, easy to use template for managing your business' inventory

This tool will help you monitor and track your retail business' inventory and sales. This tool will allow you to monitor the inventory of each individual piece of stock based on its SKU number and product name. The table will allow you to input values in relation to each individual piece of stock, including: Beginning inventory value, purchases, beginning inventory quantity, ending inventory value, units sold, physical counted inventory value, and net sales.

These input values will then automatically generate a series of useful statistics and results. This will give you an overview of your business' average inventory, cost of goods sold, gross margin, inventory turnover rate, sell through percentage, gross margin return on investment and your shrinkage.

As such, through the inputting of simple data, this tool will generate a series of insightful statistics and figures that will help you to keep a track of your business' inventory.

This will also give you the opportunity to compare and contrast the performance of different products within your inventory. The sales tab will also allow you to monitor the sales performance of your inventory depending on its cost, selling price, units sold and overall revenue. This will then automatically calculate the gross profit and profit margin made by each of your products.

This is the perfect tool for managing your retail business' inventory and sales performance.

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    how do i download the excel tool
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    • Manager Timothée Demoures
      Hi Aziz,

      Let us answer this one for you. To download the Retail Inventory Management Template by Alan Friedman, simply click on "Download for Free" then go to your Cart and follow the steps. This should lead you to "Your Library", click on the title of the page and you will be then re-directed to a page with a big blue "Download" button. The file will then appear in the "downloads" folder on your computer/mac.

      Hope this helps!

      Best regards,
      The Eloquens Team
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