Powerful SaaS IT Startup Excel Financial Model Template
Originally published: 05/03/2018 10:17
Publication number: ELQ-13666-1
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Powerful SaaS IT Startup Excel Financial Model Template

A powerful and flexible SaaS (Software as a Service) Financial Model Template

This Financial Model template allows modeling a typical SaaS (Software as a Service) Start-up in a convenient way by changing high-level assumptions at Dashboard sheet. All other items will be automatically recalculated and high-level charts will be automatically updated.

The template has provision for:
- base product and premium SaaS products
- different channels of users attraction
- detailed salary calculations
- VC framework for valuation of the project
- sensitivity analysis framework
- scenario analysis framework
- automatic checks for possible errors

This Full SaaS (Software as a Service) Startup Financial Model includes 20 tabs:

1/ Cover
2/ Index
3/ Styles
4/ Dashboard
5/ Charts Data
6/ Input
7/ Operations
8/ Salaries
9/ Fixed Assets
10/ Tax
11/ Funding
12/ Balance Sheet
13/ Income Statement
14/ Cash Flow Statement
15/ Valuation
16/ Sensitivity
17/ Checks
18/ Timing
19/ Review
20/ Words

An all in one model for your SaaS Startup.

-> Alex Martyanov

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel SaaS Startup Financial Model Template

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