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Author Case Study: Benjamin J. Boyle

Discover the story of Eloquens Author Benjamin J. Boyle and how Eloquens.com has been useful for him.

As you know, many smart financial models and methods are used only a handful of times, however there exists a high demand for these smart models for time-saving and knowledge-building purposes.

By opening an author channel on Eloquens.com, Benjamin is helping hundreds of finance professionals to prevent reinventing the wheel when it comes to building financial models.

Benjamin is CEO of Caipiteal and scholarship MBA student at Trinity College, Dublin.

On Eloquens, Benjamin shares 4 priced models in the fields of Finance and Strategy.

To quote Benjamin: « Eloquens is a fantastic website for financial modelers, analysts and business people alike. I spend a good portion of my time building advanced calculators and models and it is a great feeling knowing that others can gain benefit from using the tools I have built. I not only benefit from the website as a contributor but accessing the models others have built allows me up-skill and further hone my abilities by bench-marking my future work on the amazing work done by others. »

So, in a nutshell, the main benefits of sharing his models on Eloquens for Benjamin are:

1/ Knowledge-sharing and efficiency gains within the financial modeling community
2/ Generation of passive income
3/ The opportunity to gather feedback on his work and seek areas of self-improvement based off the work of other authors

If, like Benjamin, you would also like to open an Eloquens author channel simply go on Eloquens.com and click on “Publish a Tool.”

The step-by-step process is very simple; you will have your first financial model published and distributed on the marketplace in no time!

Happy publishing!

Francesca Morelli from the Eloquens Team

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