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Choosing the Right Machine Learning Algorithm

Seth Mottaghinejad discusses the things we should be thinking about when choosing a machine learning algorithm.

In this video, Seth Mottaghinejad uses the Microsoft cheat sheet to discuss how this can help you in choosing the right machine learning algorithm for predictive analytics solutions.

He explains here that machine learning is part art and part science. Some are very specific that require a unique approach whilst other problems are very open. So the short answer is knowing that your choice of model affects and is affected by whether the model will meet the business goal, how much pre-processing is required, the accuracy of the model, the ease of explanation of the model, how fast the model is at making predictions, and how scalable the model is. Seth offers a full and detailed lecture in this video as he explains what you should be thinking about as you choose a ML algorithm.

The cheat sheet linked below will help you to choose the best Azure ML Studio algorithm for predictive analytics solution. Your decision is influenced by both the question you're trying to answer and also the nature of your data.

Link to the cheat sheet referenced in the video: http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/6/1/A613E11E-8F9C-424A-B99D-65344785C288/microsoft-machine-learning-algorithm-cheat-sheet-v6.pdf

Length: 1 hour 54 seconds

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