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The Top 10 Rules for Success According to Simon Sinek

Evan Carmichael outlines Simon Sinek's Top 10 Rules for Success.

In this 50 minute video, Evan Carmichael has brought together clips of Simon Sinek explaining his top rules for success.

Explanation and background are given around the following 10 rules:

1. Don't follow the rules
2. You should train your mind
3. Patience is key
4. Be accountable
5. Constantly seek to outdo yourself
6. Put yourself in a position of strength. Place yourself around people who want you there.
7. Speak last
8. Authenticity matters
9. Find what excites you
10. Start with asking yourself why

Clips of Simon Sinek talking about each of these rules have been cleverly strung together by Evan Carmichael to create a final video of success from his perspective.

Length: 52 minutes, 42 seconds

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