Vision and Success Log Template
Originally published: 04/01/2018 13:28
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Vision and Success Log Template

This excel file is accompanied by an explanatory video that allows you to create a more sustainable business practice.

This excel template provides various business habit ideas that you can try and implement in your daily business practice. George Kao believes that there are 5 main business habit areas:

1) Content - regular creation and sharing of authentic content that is useful for your audience

2) Enrolment - the actives that you do that gets you clients so that you can stay in business and thrive

3) Service Improvement - the set of activities where you are continually improving your services so that you are fulfilling the mission of your services to bring results or transformation for your clients.

4) Joyful Productivity - the set of activities or habits that you install that allow you to work joyfully throughout each day.

5) Healthy Money - the set of habits that you install so that you are able to keep the money that you make and achieve your financial goals.

These are the main areas that George Kao has found important from the past 7 years of operating a full-time business, and from coaching hundreds of people in improving their businesses.

If you diligently implement at least some of these ideas, you will find yourself having a more sustains successful business than most.

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