Operating Budget Template
Originally published: 22/11/2017 13:24
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Operating Budget Template

A pre-made 12-month budget template for you to fill in so that you can predict a detailed projection of all costs

An operating budget is a detailed projection of all predicted incomes and costs based on predicted sales revenues during a given time period. The budget commonly consists of sub budgets, including the sales budget, which is the most important and which is prepared first. An operating budget is used for short-term projects, therefore capital expenditures are excluded as they as are long-term costs.

This excel template has five sections (turnover, variable costs, regular costs, interest and depreciation) and has sub-sections within them to help you to be as detailed as possible.

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Further information

Calculate if you are earning or losing money in your business. You can tell your spouse or partner how much money you expect to earn. You will get a valid document to show to a banker or an investor

You have written a business plan and this business plan needs an operating budget - which it normally does. This budget will in economic terms illustrate your business plan

If you do not have any plans yet for your business it is complicated to create an operating budget


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