Platform & Bolt on Acquisition Planning Excel Model Template
Originally published: 18/01/2019 10:39
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Platform & Bolt on Acquisition Planning Excel Model Template

Acquisition planning model including the initial purchase of a platform asset and up to 10 bolt on acquisitions

Timeline: up to 8 year rolling monthly and annual model with the ability to enter both actual and forecast data. The model start date and forecast start date of the model are flexible as are the units.

Outputs: Summary financials and margins, Dashboard, fully integrated Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement), net present value valuation (NPV), IRR based on entry and exit cashflow, graph of cash flows and debt, indication of equity injection requirements

Ability to enter historic Income Statement assumptions and an opening Balance Sheet on the Actuals tab for the platform asset
The user can enter the platform asset acquisition assumptions including sustainable EBITDA, purchase price, and the deal/capital structure among various other assumptions.
Acquisition planning assumptions include the acquisition name, the date of acquisition, the company value, the current adjusted EBITDA (profit before depreciation, amortisation, interest and tax charges), the ability to enter deferred payments (sometimes referred to as vendor loans), the ability for acquisition target management/owners to rollover/keep some of their equity, the ability to use a mix of senior debt vendor loans additional equity and existing group cash for acquisitions.

Simple platform and bolt on acquisition operating assumptions include the first forecast year sales, the annual growth rate thereafter, the gross margin, overhead as a percentage of sales, the actual fixed assets, and the annual capex spend.
Other assumptions include additional overhead cost and systergistic savings earned over time.

Furthermore the user can enter fixed asset and capex assumptions, working capital days and VAT/sales tax assumptions, corporate/income tax assumptions, dividend withdrawal assumptions, IRR, CAPM and NPV valuation assumptions.

This Best Practice includes
1 powerpoint slide of instructions, 1 excel model template

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Further information

To help an investor to plan acquisitions of both platform and bolt-on acquisition models to better understand cash and funding requirements
To calculate a valuation/IRR of the potential of the acquisition of a platform asset and subsequent bolt on

For use by someone who works in private equity, corporate finance, internal M&A, M&A, corporate development, start-ups, anyone looking to purchase a privately owned business
Someone with a good understanding of corporate finance, accounting and how models work

Where the user does not have experience of using models
Where the user wants proper business consolidation accounting - this model take a high level approach to the integration of each bolt on acquisition
Where the user is not financially literate

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