Marketplace Excel Model - for physical events, conferences
Originally published: 26/08/2019 07:23
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Marketplace Excel Model - for physical events, conferences

In the Excel file you will find a model a physical marketplace, conferences, events

In the Excel file you will find a model a physical marketplace. Here we will look at costs and sales from 3 groups: sponsors, exhibitors, ticket sales to visitors. The model estimates the sales, direct costs and margin for each group separately so you can see how profitable each segment is.

This sort of marketplace is more traditional version of 2-sided markets / marketplaces. Can be also used for organizing events in the cloud – virtual conferences. The model will help you also understand how important each group is, what should be the pricing for each group, which costs you should work on to get to profitability. You don’t have to be profitable on every group, however, you should understand the role of each group. The model will help you identify the importance and role of every group. Thanks to the model in Excel you will be also able to identify what margin of safety you have before you start organizing the event.
The model can be also used for modeling 3-sided marketplaces, periodical events like conference, offline courses, concert etc.

I have included in the model a table of content that will help you get around the model. Check also my other models for marketplaces that will help you understand how to model such businesses in Excel.

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