Public SaaS / Software Company Operating & Valuation Model Template
Originally published: 13/03/2020 20:55
Last version published: 17/06/2020 14:28
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Public SaaS / Software Company Operating & Valuation Model Template

Comprehensive Public Company SaaS Operating & Valuation Model

This is a great, not overly complicated, template to build a 3-statement operating model and full 10-year DCF and Public Comparable valuation model for Public SaaS / Software companies. It includes a full revenue build, 3-statement model (with assumptions and drivers), WACC template, Capitalization template, Public Company Comparables charts template and a regression to help calculate an accurate implied valuation based on Public Comparables.

The company used as a guide is Blackline (ticker:BL), which is a vertical SaaS provider that reports a quality set of SaaS metrics that are good for understanding what actually drives business growth for SaaS companies.

This is a great model if you are an investment analyst and want to learn more about SaaS company valuation metrics, or if you're a student and want to help prepare yourself for landing a job in the investment banking or investment management world.

If you have any questions regarding the model itself or the broader methods for valuing SaaS and/or information services companies, please feel free to reach out.

If you can understand the analysis that is included in this model, you will be well ahead of your peers in terms of valuing public SaaS companies and you will have set yourself up to receive top performance compensation. If you're a student, this model should give you the building blocks needed to ace any investment interview you may encounter and land the IB or other investment analyst job you've been preparing for.

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Further information

To help those who want to learn more about building 3-statement models and valuation models for public SaaS and Software companies.

Investment Banking Analysts, Investment Analysts, Students who want to get into the investment world.

Fairness Opinions, those who want to use this model to make trading decisions (if you wish to make a trading decision, I recommend conducting significant qualitative and quantitative analysis in addition to building your own valuation model)

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