Big Bang - Strategic Valuation (ARABIC TRANSLATION)
Originally published: 19/05/2022 22:09
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Big Bang - Strategic Valuation (ARABIC TRANSLATION)

Big Bang For Growth and Value Added for Enterprises 750 Slides in form Presentation(PPT) & E-Book (WITH ARABIC TRANSLATION)

Is it not enough for management to have business experience, experts in institutions, markets, financial valuation, and strategies?
The performance and financial success alone are not enough, a lot of work is needed to reach the top and stay there forever. This is the goal of businesses because competition is intense and aggressive and unlimited in the open market competitions. This requires hard and unconventional work in all respects and levels. To be successful, management must be aligned with and committed to the maximization of the shareholders’ long-term financial wealth.
Management must ultimately be judged on how it builds increasing cash flow streams available to shareholders. This cash flow must be more than the cash flow resources consumed by the business and excess of the business’s cost of capital.
Further, cash flow streams must increase forever management must pursue maximization of shareholder value within the parameters of ethical conduct as defined by the communities in which it operates. this not only requires a methodology of added economic value and a highly sophisticated model that can measure in advance the professional business inner works and the model that can apply pre-order to measuring and expecting your future performance a very professional business and the exact way for successful business and performance and value added, but you also need to support sustainable growth forever i.e., you must pay attention to all items, the finance items and non-finance, for maximizing value added. Manager, director, CEO, CFO, investment bankers and analysts can download the e-Book onto their devices to be a road map and experience to inspire them. There can be a reliable business and corporate finance is a very important book filled with professional experience on their devices for successful business growth and added value and creating value for shareholders that I think is the first e-Book on the subject.
 Full coverage on the following subjects:-
Economic Value Added (EVA)
Discount cash flow for the firm (DCFF)
Discount cash flow for Equities “DCFE”
(Arabic translation included)

This Best Practice includes
750 PowerPoint Slides

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