Shopping Centre Development Model - 20-year Three Statement Analysis and Valuation
Originally published: 22/03/2022 13:43
Publication number: ELQ-68495-1
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Shopping Centre Development Model - 20-year Three Statement Analysis and Valuation

This Shopping Centre Development Model produces 20-years Three Statement Analysis and Valuations through the timeline of development up to 20-years

This Shopping Center or Mall Development Model will take you through the development timeline according to your own tax periods. The Model generates a 20 year three statement analysis and Valuation adjustments at the end of each tax year cycle based on your input data, The Input data that is required will be well known to the Investor/developer in that all costs associated with the development may be input according to the timeline expected. You stipulate when the Shopping Center starts to generate income and we time all this in your cash flows. The model also generates a Valuation with NPV, IRR and MIRR. There is a Dashboard and the Inputs are easy to change as you assess the financial aspects of the development and consequential results. Critical to the Model is that all Blue cells should be Input to obtain an accurate reading on the development, even if it is a Zero % or Zero amount. The Input fields allow for up to 191 shops in the Center and this is easy to expand. We also provide the re-valuation account in the balance and make note of possible CGT liability in the event that the Investor exits. The Finacial Models take you through 20 years of Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements and Balance Sheets. The Valuation methods operate of the Bet Operating Income and Cap Rate applied, The Finacial Evaluation method applies all cash flows as they would happen and produce the NPV, IRR and MIRR at 5-year intervals. This Model is an excellent tool to provide you with realistic expectations and timing of cash flows. The information provided in the Cash Flows will also allow the Investor's the opportunity to analyse when it is suitable to alter the gearing and create cash flow for further investments.

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The objective of this Excel Template is to accurately take you through the timeline of development and income over a period of 20-years. The model produces continual re-evaluations according to your tax periods and base data input. We make use of Cap Rates, NPV, IRR and MIRR which are all automated.

This model is suited for a new Shopping Centre development and the necessary analysis and financial viability assessments.

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