Guiding Startups: The Development Stages
Originally published: 16/01/2017 11:45
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Guiding Startups: The Development Stages

The 4 development stages for startups explained.

For a rather clearer view on the outlook of your startup, this tool will allow you to visualize and understand the different development stages that will have to faced by yourself and your team.

This moves in a sequence starting from the "IDEA" stage, to the "STARTUP", the "FUNDING" to finally, the "GROWTH" stage. It gives explanations as well as tips for the respective stage, which should help you be aware of the environment each stage surrounds around.

This tool comes in a package of a methodology as well as a PDF file, with the key points per stage.

Keep in mind:

1) Stage 1
New business startup is a dream and a passion
One or more startup founders working for no salary
Business plan outline only
No employees
No revenue

2) Stage 2
Incorporate a business name
Finalizing the business plan
Doing product development
Search and file patents
Startup funding from personal resources, friends, and family

3) Stage 3
Preliminary product available
One or more real customers
Enough revenue to validate business model
Business plan, financial model is the roadmap
Spending time presenting to Angel investors

4) Stage 4
Revenue of $5+ million
> 20 employees
Ready to scale the business to be a market leader
Large market opportunity validated
Seeking expansion venture capital from professional VCs

- Marty

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Guide new entrepreneurs through the process of developing their new startups.

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