Lean Enterprise Benefits Analysis
Originally published: 08/12/2017 11:38
Publication number: ELQ-60850-1
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Lean Enterprise Benefits Analysis

Spreadsheet to help you estimate potential payback from implementing Lean methodologies into your company.

In this spreadsheet, the first thing you will do is overwrite the existing numbers and input your current headcounts, dollars, machine downtime, and sq footage. The spreadsheet will use these to calculate savings in 4 categories:

Excellent: 25%
Good: 15%
Fair: 10%
Poor: 5%

This information should be used to make an estimation of the payback from a lean implementation. The spreadsheet should be treated only as a guide for you to calculate estimations, and does not imply any guarantees or definitive paybacks of any kind.

*Originally shared on industrial-ebooks.com*

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