Slide for Team Pitching
Originally published: 15/11/2017 16:50
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Slide for Team Pitching

Unique template to use for your 'Team' slide in your startup pitch deck.

There are many startups pitching competitions in the world in which you hardly have five minutes to persuade the investor audience that your startup is the best. Just few minutes to show the problem you are solving, your traction in the market, your value proposition, I mean, really short time to make the difference in every single slide of your presentation.

When pitching your startup to investors, you have very little time to convince them that your startup is worth investing in. You have a very short time frame to convince them that you are different using every single slide.

Despite what many think, the team slide is actually one of the most important in your pitch deck. It's common to see very generic 'team' slides that don't really show the best of the team, the right information, or what the investors are really looking for.

We can find many key factors around a startup team but here you are a few key points to show in one slide that investors are wishing to know:

In reality, from your team slide, investors want to know:
1. The experience level
2. How equity is split between founders
3. Stakeholder network
4. What you're missing to become a 10/10 team

To get the best out of the pitch, this team slide has been provided to help get across the statement that your team in the best and unique from every other team they'll see that day.

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