Retail Clothing Store Business Model for Start-ups - 3 statement analysis plus KPI's
Originally published: 07/02/2022 15:20
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Retail Clothing Store Business Model for Start-ups - 3 statement analysis plus KPI's

This Clothing Store Business Model for start-ups quickly takes you to the heart of any business. Profitability and all Statements on auto!

At the heart of any Business Model, must be the user-friendliness and ease at which any user, untrained and mastered, can input the basic data and arrive at useful Financial Statements that are understood by all. The Clothing Store start-up Business Model will only demand basic monthly expenditure inputs and the cost and selling prices of your items. From this, the Model will automatically produce an in-depth analysis of each sale item, their contribution to the bottom line as well as their rankings in terms of performance. You will also have instant five year detailed Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements and Balance Sheets. The Dashboard produces all pertinent Financial Ratios such as NPV, IRR and MIRR which is important when attempting to raise funds as well as measuring how many times your MIRR exceeds the hurdle rate. Automated loan amortization and gearing scenarios for funding amounts are built-in. With no unnecessary frills, this model is fantastic for all parties. The first part of inputs relate to fixed monthly expenditures and the capital asset purchases necessary to run the store as well as their useful lifespan. the second part of your inputs are the sale items, cost price, expected selling prices and volumes of sales per month. Should you be taking a loan to assist with the start, this may be input and automatically amorts through the financial models.

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Further information

The objective of this Retail Clothing Store Business Model is to quickly analyse the viability based on your sales forecasts and also ascertain sensitivety. The financial analysis is exactly what is required by bankers and funders with accurate cash flow statements, income statements, balance sheets, NPV, IRR, MIRR and detailed product by product analysis.

This download is best suited foe a typical retail type store that purchase product, marks them up, and sells the items without modifications. In other words, this model may also be used for any other retail type business, however it is not suitable for a manufacturing type model which we have specifically designed in other templates.

This model is not suitable for a manufacturing environment and is tailored to the retail type business.

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