Ultimate Feasibility Study Excel Template
Originally published: 12/07/2023 12:33
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Ultimate Feasibility Study Excel Template

Introducing the Ultimate Feasibility Study Excel Template: Unlock Your Analysis Potential!

Are you looking to perform a comprehensive Feasibility Study but unsure about the necessary knowledge and tools? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you.

Our meticulously crafted Feasibility Study Excel template is designed to empower you with professional-level analysis techniques. With this template at your disposal, you can delve into the depths of feasibility analysis like a seasoned pro.

Unlike other resources that merely scratch the surface, our template focuses on the core aspects of a Feasibility Study: Business Insight, Computational Models, and Reliable Data.

While many mistakenly believe that Feasibility Studies revolve solely around calculating figures like NPV, IRR, and Payback Period, we know that these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. The real essence lies in understanding the reliability and business understanding behind those numbers.

To assist you in this journey, our template emphasizes the importance of collaboration and holistic analysis. It encourages cross-functional contributions, ensuring a comprehensive examination of the project's feasibility. No longer will you have to navigate this intricate process alone.

But what about the template itself? Let us give you a glimpse of its incredible features:
1. Assumption Clarity: We help you clearly outline and differentiate assumptions from the actual spreadsheet calculations. This way, you can easily identify and solve hypothetical components that may affect your results.
2. Name Manager: Our template leverages the Name Manager feature to assign names to key assumptions. This enhances formula comprehension and boosts clarity in the Scenario Summary.
3. Calculation Table: We provide you with a user-friendly calculation table resembling an Income Statement. It allows you to calculate annual cash flows over a ten-year period, facilitating a more comprehensive analysis.
4. Custom Number Format: To ensure optimal data presentation, we guide you on adjusting the number format for large values. Say goodbye to complex calculations and hello to neatly formatted results.
5. Sensitivity Analysis: Understanding how different assumptions impact your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial. Our template guides you through creating an automated Sensitivity Analysis using Data Tables, presenting clear insights into the effects of changing variables.
6. Visualization with Graphs: We go the extra mile by enabling you to visualize the results of your Sensitivity Analysis through visually appealing graphs. Scatter XY plots ensure accurate representation, enhancing your understanding of the project's potential.
7. Scenario Manager: Want to simulate various situations and observe how each KPI changes? Our template includes the Scenario Manager feature, allowing you to simulate multiple scenarios effortlessly.

With all these features and more, our Feasibility Study Excel template is a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It eliminates the need for extensive knowledge accumulation, offering you a comprehensive tool to unlock your analysis potential.
We understand that real expertise comes from experience, but we have distilled years of practical insights into this user-friendly template. It's a powerful resource that equips you with the essential techniques needed to perform a thorough Feasibility Study.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to excel in your Feasibility Studies. Get our template today and unlock a world of possibilities. Start making informed decisions with confidence!

Please note that this template is based on the teachings and techniques shared during the "Make Merit, Learn Excel" event held on October 30, 2016, at Camillian Home, Ladkrabang. By purchasing this template, you are supporting a good cause, as the event aimed to raise funds for Camillian Home.

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