Simple 3-Statement Excel Model with Cases
Originally published: 10/09/2019 15:07
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Simple 3-Statement Excel Model with Cases

Simple three statement financial model template in Microsoft Excel to fill in with your data.

Dynamic 3-statement model with Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Debt & Interest Schedules.

Use this model to combine historical performance with projected financials. Color-coded cells make inputting assumptions easy, and the dynamic nature will allow all aspects to flow through automatically when changing a single assumption.

Use the 3 cases to sensitize your projections using a Base Case, Upside Case, and Conservative Case.

Assumptions allow for the input of:
- Annual Revenue growth rate
- Gross Margin %
- SG&A growth rate
- D&A as % of Sales
- Tax Rate
- A/R Days
- Inventory Turns
- A/P Days
- ... and more

Debt Schedule includes a Revolving Credit facility that will borrow based on the minimum cash needed by the business. If cash every drops below that amount, the revolver will increase to offset the shortfall. If there is extra cash leftover, the Revolver will be paid back as soon as possible.

Additionally, the Debt Schedule includes permanent debt in the form of a Term Loan that is paid off over time.

Interest Expense calculates based on the Average methodology. As such, this creates intentional circularity in the model. Please check your Excel settings per the note within the model to ensure calculations run correctly.

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

Tool should be used for projections where a three statement model is needed

Tool should be used for projections where a three statement model is needed

Model does not include a detailed revenue build by any of the following (i) product (ii) geography (iii) segment.

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