Simple Startup Studio Financial Excel Model
Originally published: 18/03/2019 15:36
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Simple Startup Studio Financial Excel Model

This is a simple startup studio financial modeling tool, to model cap table progression, cash flow, studio funnel...

The Excel model is intended for people who just started to plan their startup studio. To use it:

1. First, you need to have a basic vision for what kind of studio you want and what kind of startups the studio will produce. Use the case studies and the first few chapters of the startup studio funnel in the Startup Studio Playbook to determine this.

2. Based on this and your draft startup studio funnel, fill out the yellow marked cells in the Studio Funnel tab. The base values I entered are for a startup studio strategy that refers a high amount of new ideas - with low-cost validation experiments - focusing on quick spin-off and quick exits.

3. On the Cash Flow tab you can set how many new initiatives the studio will want to explore and produce over the years. In this simplified spreadsheet, I'm assuming a studio that builds new startups from year 1 to year 5, then it only focuses on the already existing initiatives.

4. The Cap Table tab is an experimental and simplified calculator that enables you to explore valuation and cap table progression. The base values you can define are the nr of shares, the % of shares new investors will get at the funding round and the investment amount.

Use this table (or better, build your own one) in iteration with your studio strategy and funnel design steps.

Link to the Startup Studio Playbook, if you don't yet have it:

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