Buyer Persona Powerpoint Template & Guide
Originally published: 14/03/2019 13:19
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Buyer Persona Powerpoint Template & Guide

14 slide deck explaining you how to create a Buyer Persona in powerpoint for you to portray your ideal customer.

If you work in digital business or marketing, you probably heard that you need market research and customer avatar. But you never really spend time or money on it.

But after a few years of experience in digital space, you know that the value of market research and customer avatars is underestimated.

Established digital business owners and marketing professionals do not have doubts if their business needs a Buyer Persona, they have doubts if to create a buyer persona by themselves or outsource it to a third party.

My name is Anna, I am a market researcher and Co-Founder of IntroMarket Research, and we do both. We create customer avatars and we teach how to build customer avatars.

We created Buyer Personas for an e-commerce shoe store, e-learning platform, business blog, AI startup, personal coach program, and more. We partnered with marketing agencies and created buyer personas as White Label projects.

All clients came to us from different industries but they all wanted to find answers to the same questions:

How to attract targeted leads for my business?
How to personalize my marketing?
How to narrow down my audience?
How to create a message that will resonate with my audience?

And the answer is always a Buyer Persona based on detailed market research.

You may download millions of templates of Buyer Persona and spend a crazy amount of time reading marketing articles on how to build a buyer persona. But you will learn only 1 thing - that buyer persona should consist of a set of selected characteristics like demographic profile, location, preferred marketing channels, and others…

But did someone tell you where to get the data to fill in your template?

For those who understand the value of Buyer Persona/Ideal Client Profile/Customer Avatar, we created an Editable Buyer Persona Profile that you can customize to your needs.

By downloading Editable PowerPoint Buyer Persona you will learn:

Methodology: what methods you should use to research the data.
- We will show you three ultimate methods that you may combine or use only one of them while searching the data.
- Directions: where exactly you can get the data and what sources you should use to fill in information boxes.
- The ready-made template that you can fill in with the researched data. You can also customize it because it’s in PowerPoint so, you can add or delete information boxes depending on your points of interest.

We share with you a valuable asset - we will show you where to get the data to create your Buyer Persona.

We created over 70 Buyer Personas for digital business owners and marketing professionals.

If you are looking for one ultimate guide and one template that you may use several times with explanations and directions - you are in the right place.

This Best Practice includes
1 Editable Buyer Persona Template + Step by step guide with explanations; 2 Samples of buyer persona profiles.

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