9 Box Talent Management Grid Matrix Template
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9 Box Talent Management Grid Matrix Template

A 9 box matrix grid template for Talent Management, editable in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel.

Believed to have been created and developed for GE (General Electric) by McKinsey & Company, in the late 1960s and 1970s, the Nine Box Grid matrix for Talent Management aims as to prioritize HR investments linked to the company's global strategy. It is a classic framework for HR professionals, HR Directors, Headhunters or Team Managers to assess a given workforce, team or set of professionals.

Many different names have been given to the 9 boxes in the grid over time, here are 3 example sets:
1/ Future Leader, Growth Employee, High Impact Performer, Trusted Professional, Core Employee, Effective, Enigma, Dilemma, Under Performer
2/ Stars, High Potentials, High Performer, Workhorses, Core Players, Up or Out Grinders, Dysfunctional Geniuses, Up or Out Dilemmas, Bad Hires
3/ Top Talents, Rising Stars, Good Performers, Experts, Basic Professionals, Solid Performers, Top Performers, Inconsistent Performers, Under-Performers.

The key being to clearly assess potential and performance for each member, I have decided to re-create the Talent Management Grid Matrix Template with a complex Excel Model behind enabling managers to precisely position their teammates, and then take action.

I chose to focus on set number 3 (in terms of box naming).

There are 2 major axis in the matrix.

->Performance Assessment (i.e: Current Performance)
->Potential Assessment (i.e: Future Performance)

Each have underlying factors & sub-factors to determine a number:

- Communication (Active listening, Articulating, Business storytelling, Clarity, Concision, Correspondence, Editing, Explaining, Expression, Facilitating group conversations, Nonverbal communication, Presentation, Public speaking, Reading body language, Reducing ambiguity, Verbal communication, Written communication)

- Motivation (Allowing employee autonomy, Asking for input, Assessing the interests of staff, Convincing, Mentoring, Open to employee concerns, Persuasive, Providing productive and challenging work, Providing rewards, Recognizing others, Setting effective goals, Team-building, Thanking staff, Understanding employee differences)

- Delegating (Accepting feedback from employees, Allotting resources for employees, Assessing employee strengths and weaknesses, Defining expectations, Evaluating employee performance, Identifying measurable outcomes, Matching the task to the right employee, Prioritizing tasks, Setting expectations, Teamwork, Time management, Training, Trust in employees)

- Positivity (Caring, Conflict management, Developing rapport, Diplomacy, Encouraging, Empathetic, Friendliness, Helping others, Humor, Interpersonal, Positive reinforcement, Respect, Social)

- Trustworthiness (Ability to apologize, Accountability, Business ethics, Confidentiality, Conscientious, Consistent in behavior towards employees, Credibility, Emotional intelligence, Empathy, Honesty, Integrity, Moral compass, Reliability, Respectfulness, Standing up for what is right, Thoughtful)

- Creativity (Analytical, Cognitive flexibility, Conceptualization, Critical thinking, Curiosity, Embracing different cultural perspectives, Foresight, Identifying patterns, Imaginative, Innovative, Listening to others’ ideas, Making abstract connections, Observation, Open-mindedness, Problem solving, Sound judgment, Synthesizing, Visionary)

- Feedback (Being open to receiving feedback, Building confidence in employees, Clarity, Clearly laying out expectations,Coaching, Following up, Frequent feedback, Listening to employees’ responses, Mentoring, Positive reinforcement, Providing specific advice, Respectful)

- Responsibility (Acknowledging mistakes, Being open to customer feedback, Evaluating best solutions, Forecasting, Learning from past mistakes, Listening to feedback from employees and managers, Project planning, Reflectiveness, Resolving problems, Transparency, Trouble shooting)

- Commitment (Applying feedback, Commitment to company objectives, Determination, Embracing professional development, Following through, Keeping promises, Passion, Perseverance, Prioritization, Professionalism, Team player, Work ethic)

- Flexibility (Ability to learn new skills, Ability to respond to new problems or issues, Adaptability, Improvising, Negotiating, Open to feedback, Recognizing individuals’ strengths and skills, Treating employees as individuals)

Names & weights for each factor & sub-factor can be adjusted in the underlying Excel Model.

OUTPUT: This leads to 9 potential categorisations of teammates:

- Top Talents (High - High)
- Rising Stars (Average - High)
- Top Performers (Low - High)
- Good Performers (High - Average)
- Experts (High - Low)
- Basic Professionals (Average - Average)
- Solid Performers (Average - Low)
- Inconsistent Performers (Low - Average)
- Under-Performers (Low - Low)

The Team Manager can then decided to take action for each box. E.g: For Top Talents -> Give them a Promotion, for Under-Performers -> lay-off, for Rising Stars -> Train, for Experts -> Re-position in organisation etc.

The Best Practice is an editable Microsoft PowerPoint Template Slide with an online or offline 18 step-by-step methodology, with pedagogical illustrations for each step. An editable Excel file to assess in detail each teammate is included in the PowerPoint file.

Should you have any questions on using this top tier Management/HR Framework Template slide, you're welcome to reach out to me via Private Message.

⭐️ Bundle of 8 Nine-Box Matrix Templates (including this one): https://www.eloquens.com/tool/wQkjsE2N/strategy/nine-box-matrix-templates/nine-box-matrix-frameworks-template-bundle

Good luck!
- Tim

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint Model Template with Underlying Excel Model + 1 Online/Offline 18 step-by-step Methodology

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