Internal Audit Policy Manual
Originally published: 19/02/2018 17:57
Publication number: ELQ-59909-1
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Internal Audit Policy Manual

Internal Audit Policy Template with accompanying Procedure Manual

This Internal Audit policy template and procedure manual is a perfect template for most companies, is comprehensive and will impress the board members.

This 23 page manual in ISO 9001 format, includes the following sections:

1) Professional standards of the International Institute of Internal Auditors,
2) Governing principles;
3) Services Provided;
4) Audit Plan Methodology;
5) Audit Engagements;
6) Consulting Engagements;
7) anti-Fraud and Fraud Investigation.

Includes unique multi-factor Top Down Risk assessment with both Quantitative & Qualitative elements.

This Best Practice includes
1-Policy Manual with Quantitative & Qualitative multi-factor Top Down Risk assessment

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Provide Internal Audit departments guideline and principles to which to base it's work and relationship with its company of service.

Start Up Audit functions or those without specific and comprehensive audit standards and procedures.

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