HR Insights Report
Originally published: 29/03/2021 13:52
Publication number: ELQ-98174-1
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HR Insights Report

HR Insights in Power BI - to download.

This report includes the necessary analyzes according to some characteristics of the people who made and participated in the job interviews during the job acceptance process.

First of all, it is possible to find the total number of consultations and participants in the form of cards, based on data-file information.

Consultations have been grouped by Performance, Safety, Health, Pay Policy and Working Hours.

In the report, it is possible to find the start and end dates of the consultations in the form of a table.

Unique worker numbers are given according to positions and regions in the form of Donut Chart.

Filtering has been done by name of workers, first and second interviewees.

After the first and second interviews, the number of workers is shown in the form of bars according to the criteria of happy, normal and unhappy.

At the end, the names of the workers, the first interview date, the name of the first interviewer, the first interview result, the second interview date, the name of the second interviewer and the result of the second interview are shown in the form of a table.

While preparing this report, I have applied what I learned in the Enterprise DNA portal.

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