Cost Benefit Excel Template
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Cost Benefit Excel Template

Cost-Benefit Template in Excel to work out your various costs, savings, and revenues.

Calculated for up to 5 years, this spreadsheet presents a business case for calculating your:

1. Total Non-Recurring Costs
2. Total Recurring Costs
3. Total Costs
4. Total Revenues
5. Total Cost Savings
6. Total Cost Avoidance
7. Total Other Benefits
8. Total Benefits


Tab 1: Cost-Benefit Template

-You should endeavor to complete this table in as much detail as you can.

-The examples given are not comprehensive, and you are able to add or remove from the table to suit your needs.

Tab 2: Summarization

-Based on the info entered into Tab 1, this will be filled in automatically.

-The data in this table should be transferred into the Cost-Benefit Analysis table in the business case section.

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