Digital and Analog EXCEL Clock
Originally published: 14/06/2020 16:13
Publication number: ELQ-87090-1
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Digital and Analog EXCEL Clock

Demonstration of a digital and analog clock in excel

This is more of a cool and fun Excel gimmick creating both a digital and analog clock in EXCEL.
The techniques used are probably aimed at the intermediate and advanced users.
How to create a clock in Excel? How to create digital crystal-like digits in excel? How to create an analog or digital clock in excel?
Both the analog and digital clocks have hours, min and seconds.
The digital clock uses a series of conditional formatting with 1 and 0 to color in the cells that need to be to light up a digit. The analog clock uses graphs that could be dynamically updated every second using OFFSET function and Name Manager. Each Hour, Min, Second arm in this case is a separate graph that is overplayed and automatically and dynamically updated with the OFFSET function.
Press F9 to update the time for both digital and analog clocks. You can simply connect a simple macro to run the clock continuously.
While this example demonstrates how it is possible to create a cool clock it also demonstrates the power of conditional formatting for complex excel scenarios as well as the complex use of dynamic charts that could be used in many ways (such as the analog clock)

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