How to avoid Burnout?
Originally published: 11/03/2020 12:27
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How to avoid Burnout?

PDF article outlining how to avoid burnout at work.

If you often feel stressed, worn out and demotivated at work, you may be suffering from burnout.

According to public health organisations: “burnout or professional exhaustion is characterised as a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion resulting from emotionally demanding work situations”. Your work may be leaving you physically and psychologically drained. A difficult situation could gravely harm your health, trigger depression and even drive you to suicide in the most extreme cases.

Whilst burnout is not officially classified as an illness, it can certainly have detrimental effects on your health.

The causes of burnout are linked to constant pressure and stress at work. Read our article to discover the common causes of burnout at work.

The symptoms can be expressed in a number of ways: physiological, behavioral as well as psychological and behavioral.

How can you prevent burnout? There are a number of preventative measures and changes to your habits that can be taken to avoid burnout at work.

Changing your habits is certainly not easy, but it is essential for your health and wellbeing as well as your performance at work.

If you are not taken seriously, do not hesitate to solicit the advice of a medical professional.

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