6 Infrastructure Private Equity Modeling Tests with 1 Solution.
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6 Infrastructure Private Equity Modeling Tests with 1 Solution.

Five Different Modeling Exams with 1 Solution

The Downloadable contents are 5 different modeling exams from Infrastructure Private Equity companies along with Boutique Investment Banks. 1 Exam comes along with a solution.

The Solution is a Modeling Test of an Onshore Wind Turbine. The case study is in Chile assuming a 376 MW Capacity. The download includes a PowerPoint Presentation, a PDF, along with an excel model with explanations.

The model is a full-scale model with a Project Finance Debt Sizing, Balance Sheet, Cashflow & Income Statement.

The Model is complemented with an executive summary and interactive Graphs, along with Data Table Sensitivities. No Macros.

It is best for an Associate/Analyst looking to Break into Infrastructure Private Equity. This will illustrate how the exact solution should be presented, and how to debt size the cash flow along with tax credit and others assumptions.

Most Models online are too complicated with excessive use of macros. What is appropriate for an Analyst/Associate level is to create a simple, easy-to-use, easy to modify model that incorporates all the variables in Project Finance Investment Analysis.

From my experience, the best way to pass an assessment is to have already a template ready and then input the given you get into the template. Saves you time and gives you extra time to create a PowerPoint presentation to showcase your presentation skills along with your conclusions.

This Best Practice includes
6 different Modeling Tests with 1 solution

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