What are Capability Maturity Models? and why are they Important?
Originally published: 29/01/2021 14:56
Publication number: ELQ-41996-1
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What are Capability Maturity Models? and why are they Important?

This Paper presents Capability Maturity Management as The Next Generation Change & Transformation Management

Change Management and Change Capability (Agility) in todays Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World requires advanced approaches in how organisations transform and improve performance. Capability Maturity Models (CMM) are widely understood and used mainly in the IT Sector. But Research and Knowledge has led to New Capability Reference Models for Organisations, Teams and Digital-Business. Capability Maturity Models are a means to deal with the sophistication of todays organisations dealing with VUCA. Understanding an Organisations Current Capabilities and their respective maturities helps explain why they function and perform as they do, while building new Capabilities and Capability Maturity needs to be aligned with transformation, performance and improvement targets and achieving best practice Agility, Innovation, Collaboration and Productivity

This short Paper covers:
What are Capability Maturity Models & Why are they important?
What are Business & Organisation Capabilities?
Why is understanding Capabilities useful?
Why is it often a challenge to understand how an organisation functions, performs, and to make successful changes?
An Example of a list of Digital Organisation Capabilities (DMI™ Reference Model)
What is a Maturity Level?
What new insights does Dynamic Systems Maturity Theory bring to understanding Capability Maturity Levels?
What is a Capability Maturity Model?
What is a Capability Maturity Framework?
Choosing a Capability Maturity Model and Framework
Using a Capability Maturity Model & Framework
A high-level view of a Capability Maturity Improvement Methodology
The Organisation Capability Maturity Framework
The Three Reference Models & Bodies of Knowledge
The Organisation Development Tools Institute
OrgCMF™ Improvement Roadmaps
OrgCMF™ Benefits
Examples of Capability Maturity Framework

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