Originally published: 18/01/2018 13:06
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How to Create a UX Portfolio Without Much Experience

Sarah Doody, UX Designer, explains how you can create a unique UX Portfolio without much experience.

Sarah Doody explains how at least once a week, she is asked by aspiring UX Designers how they can put together a UX Portfolio without much experience. They are seeking their first UX job, but they are encountering problems because some of the only experience they have stems from group projects. This makes life hard for both prospective employees and employers, because the employer finds it hard to know what the candidate has actually contributed.

Sarah Doody gives valuable advice on what to do in this situation as an inexperienced future UX Designer. In the video, she explains that there are other ways you can build a portfolio that don't involve working on specific UX projects. In fact, the advice that she gives here enables you to build a portfolio day by day in a really simple and actionable way that will eventually make for a really unique and interesting portfolio. The end portfolio will stand out from the crowd and be noticed by employers because you have taken a different and more insightful approach than the majority of the other candidates.

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