• Cut the Jargon
  • Cut the Jargon
  • Cut the Jargon
  • Cut the Jargon
Originally published: 09/04/2018 12:10
Publication number: ELQ-66208-1
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Cut the Jargon

Public Speaking Shortcuts Tip 12 on cutting the jargon from your presentations.

In this video, Andy talks through how to approach jargon in your presentations. Jargon can often exclude people from your presentation because they simply do not understand what you are talking about. Here, Andy shows how you can cut the jargon from your presentations and include everyone. He then shows how, if completely necessary, you can approach the use of technical language within your presentation.

Short and direct video as part of the 'Public Speaking Shortcuts' series.

Length: 1 minute 18 seconds

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