Option Trading on Index - Put Call Ratio

PCR-OPTION Trading Excel Model Template.

Trading in options index through the Put Call ratio(PCR). We have analyzed through option chain which Call/Put needs to be bought on basis of PCR.

PCR is a very important tool while trading in options index. Through PCR we analyze which option will be best to buy or sell.

We have also analyzed in excel two options spread Straddle and Strangle on the basis of PCR.
How PCR is helpful in figuring out levels of the index and which range it is going to trade all the things can be analyzed via PCR.

Put call ratio analysis also very helpful in intraday trades. As put Open interest getting rise at a particular price strike price on the PUT side that becomes a support for index and open interest building high on the CALL side that becomes resistance for the index.

Keep all things in mind I have excel on which we just need to insert data for the closest strike price index is trading and then it will give a result which Put or call you can buy or sell and make money.
Hedging strategies are also been implemented to cover risk as markets are volatile. Keep trading.

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Put Call Ratio- Trading indicator

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Trade trough put call ratio indicator and for learning purpose.

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