Multiple Debt Calculator Model
Originally published: 14/09/2020 08:21
Last version published: 02/05/2023 09:48
Publication number: ELQ-44324-6
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Multiple Debt Calculator Model

Calculate your debt schedule for all of your loans at once

Key features:1) Multiple loans at once2) Dynamic model3) Pre-payment calculation4) Different maturity options (up to 10 years)If you run a business, you must have surely came across a scenario when you have multiple loans, and some times it is difficult to track all these loans. Furthermore, you need to decide which loan to pay first to save interest out go.This model will help you track all of your loans at once. It allows you to track interest payment and principal payments done (or to be done) for each month and up to ten years.Model is highly flexible, it allows you to enter loans start date (and date, I meant 'any date'), interest rate, and loan maturity period (choose from as low as 6 months to up to 10 years).It is not just normal loan calculator, it also allows you to enter pre-payment date and model will fetch the amount payable for that particular pre payment date.I know, it might not capture all the scenarios, but I have tried to capture as much as I can. Definitely you can reach out to me for further suggestions and I will promise to update the next version.

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