Recruitment Tracker For HR
Originally published: 04/04/2022 09:30
Publication number: ELQ-22041-1
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Recruitment Tracker For HR

Dynamic Recruitment Tracker for Human Resource Department

This recruitment tracker is dynamic in nature developed to make recruitment process effective. As, recruitment is the core process that helps in hiring skillful employee so it should be done in an effective and efficient way.

One can easily customize this template based upon their requirements if he / she wants.

Following formulas have been used to make this template:

1- Index function
2- Date function (Formula)
3- Some mathematic techniques like (multiplication)

Further, I have also used a drop-down list from developer tab to give the template a professional look. There is also a visual graph added to make an analysis on how many recruitments have been done.

In this model you will also find a good knowledge of conditional formatting, I have tried my best to make a maximum use of conditional formatting in this payroll template.

It is a perfect template for the people who works in Human Resource departments of their respective company.

If you want any customization in this template that you cannot be able to it by yourself just let me know through comment or inbox we will figure the way out.

Also let me know that if this template needs some modifications to improve the result of it.

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