Stock Market Analysis Dashboard in Power BI
Originally published: 03/12/2021 13:42
Last version published: 20/12/2021 08:52
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Stock Market Analysis Dashboard in Power BI

Stock Market Analysis Dashboard in Power BI. This Dashboard includes the KPIs which would help to analyze Stock/Portfolio.

Power BI is a tool which helps the users to easily visualize dynamic and interactive Reports/Dashboard by utilizing its Business Intelligence Capabilities. Power BI is a tool which makes the decision making easier as it offers a wide range of interactive visualizations along with BI Capabilities.

This Stock Market Analysis Dashboard has been designed to provide an overall view of Stock Market. This dashboard will help the individuals/organizations to make their analysis on stock market as from this dashboard you will get to know the volume, opening price, high price, low price & closing price of your stock/portfolio.

The information provided in this Dashboard is divided in two (2) parts,

1) There are 2 pages which shows the Current Day (Today's) performance.
2) There is 1 page which shows the Historical Performance of the stock.

The most important part is that this dashboard is made on S&P 500 data comprising from 2014 - 2017. For this purpose I have provided the instructions that how you can update this dashboard as per your required stock market.

You need make changes in the Excel file which will be provided with Power BI File.


1. Open the Excel file which is provided to you with this purchase and delete all the data (Except the headers). (You can ignore the index column if stock index is not available).
2. Insert your data in the prescribed format.
3. Save the file and close it.
4. Go to Power BI > Home page > Transform Data > Data Source Settings
5. Go to Change Source > Browse the file path and insert your excel file which was saved in Step#3
6. Press OK & Close the tab.

Hope the above steps are clear. Incase if there is any confusion, feel free to contact.

This Best Practice includes
1 Power BI File, 1 Excel File

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