Property Valuations Modeling
  • Property Valuations Modeling
  • Property Valuations Modeling
  • Property Valuations Modeling
  • Property Valuations Modeling
Originally published: 21/01/2017 16:52
Last version published: 05/07/2017 08:04
Publication number: ELQ-47985-4
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Property Valuations Modeling

Simple Property Valuation Model showing the 3 primary methods for valuing property assets.

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This tool shows how the basic elements of a property valuation are connected and also enables ease of use across limited sheets of actual calculations.

The model was built using the Modano Tools, note there are modules within this model. Refer to for more details.

The model is then connected to Modeler which enables the visualisation of the model in a way that is interactive and doesn't require actual interaction with the underlying model.

The Excel model, along with the powerpoint slides, are connected via Modeler to present the model in an interactive manner. If you wish to use this Modeler visualisation tool, model and powerpoint slides please contact us at

Refer to the YouTube video attached to see how the property valuation interactive visualisation.

This business tool includes
1. Excel Financial Model 2. Powerpoint slides 3. Video link 4. Images of Modeler

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Further information

Assist in users to easily understand the basic fundamentals of property valuations. The tool also demonstrates the basics tools within Modano and Modeler.

Learning and basic property valuation fundamentals.

Complex multi tenancy properties or property developments.

Note: Model Citizn has built a number of these complex property development models. If you wish to find out more, contact us at



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