Powerline Voltage Drop  Calculation
Originally published: 14/12/2017 14:26
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Powerline Voltage Drop Calculation

An excel tool for calculation of powerline voltage drop.

Review screenshots to see table and other formulae.

525.1 – If every other consideration absent, the V at the terminals of fixed current-using equipment must be > the lower limit that corresponds to the product standard that is relevant to the equipment under normal service conditions.

525.2 – In the case of fixed current-using equipment not being the subject of a product standard, the V a the terminals will be so that it will not disrupt the equipment functioning safely.

525.3 – The requirements stated above are said to be satisfied if the voltage drop between the installation origin and the terminals of fixed current-using equipment or a socket-outlet doesn't go over what is stated in appendix 12.

525.4 – For a motor during starting periods and for other equipment that has high inrush currents, a greater voltage drop than what is stated in Table 12A can be accepted. This is provided it's verified that the variations of voltage are within the specified limits in the relevant product standard for the equipment, or if there is an absence of a product standard, the recommendations of the manufacturer.

In table 12A (Appendix 12), the voltage drop in each final circuit shouldn't go over 3% for lighting and 5% for other utilisations.

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