DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Excel Monte Carlo Simulation Model
Originally published: 10/10/2018 13:51
Last version published: 01/02/2019 17:08
Publication number: ELQ-79125-2
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DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Excel Monte Carlo Simulation Model

A simplified DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) Monte Carlo Simulation model in Excel

Welcome to our simplified DCF Monte Carlo Simulation model.

Syleus and Partners have developed a financial toolbox for excel applications.

This spreadsheet shows the use of our user-defined function FinBoxMonteCarlo.

Through combining all customized financial functions, our toolbox provides any financial expert the right instrument to solve every financial puzzle.
Our used toolbox function in this spreadsheet uses our Monte Carlo function based on a minimum and maximum value with a normal distribution.

Our Beta generator calculates the statistical information that includes minimum, maximum and mean-value of the simulation. Moreover, the full version also reports other statistical information, like standard deviation, heteroscedasticity, media, mode or other statistical information.

A full model will be shortly available and if you are interested you can sign-up for our mailing list.
This demonstration model uses only 5 Monte Carlo variables, but the full version can handle multiple variables. Moreover, our statistical report shows the results of only one output variable, the full addition does not have this limitation.

We have included many other financial customized functions In our Financial toolbox. For example, we have a Monte Carlo Simulator based on a worse, best and mean case generator. All our models are bundled in one application and the financial customized functions are integrated.

The Excel comes with a DLL file with simulation software that has to be in the same folder as the excel sheet. There are 2 versions: one for 32 and one for 64 bits versions of Excel.

We also have included in this version a Ribbon to use the software more easier.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel spreadsheet for 32 or 64 bits and 32 and 64 bits DLL file with the simulation software.

Acquire business license for $10.00

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Further information

This financial model gives users the change to run a Monte Carlo simulation and shows the effect of the variable on a simplified discounted cash flow model.

Multiple scenario calculations.

Static calculations.

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