ModelOff 2019 - Round 1: Funding Facilities, Air Power & Win, Lose or Draw
Originally published: 30/01/2020 16:27
Publication number: ELQ-26536-1
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ModelOff 2019 - Round 1: Funding Facilities, Air Power & Win, Lose or Draw

The models that I created during Round 1 of the 2019 ModelOff competition.

The Round 1 cases this year have more than justified organizer’s usual comments that the best preparation for the future ModelOff’s is solving past ModelOff questions. For example, the Slice & Dice case in my opinion was very similar to Data Analysis from R2 2013. The Air Power case was very similar to R1 2013 Energy Operations – the only exception was to the fact that it was wind energy rather than solar energy.

Probably the toughest case was the last one – Win, Lose or Draw. This case presented some historical data about international cricket matches. The goal was to prepare national team standings at different periods of time (again, somewhat similar to case 1 at New York finals 2017). All my friends that I talked to after the competition mentioned that it took quite some time to understand the scoring specifics of cricket. Thanks God they didn’t include this case into R2, otherwise due to time pressure most of the finalists would come only from the cricket-playing countries.

Note: Past year ModelOff cases (up until 2018) are available for free on their Eloquens channel here: These and the newer cases are available within the members area on ModelOff website which is accessible as soon as you sign up for the next financial modeling world championships.

I also publish a couple of my models that were created during the rounds. Please excuse the formatting, as ModelOff emphasizes speed. I have not published the models like “It’s a mess” that might contain the datasets created by QDT.

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