SaaS Financial Model: Simple Template For Early-Stage Startups

Simple financial planning tool tailored for early-stage SaaS entrepeneurs.

Original Best Practice:  SaaS Financial Plan  by Christoph Janz

In the process of raising seed funding for my startup Marker, I had to search for a financial planning model that would fit into the type my business is.

However, when finding models tailored for SaaS, some were too complex for my needs so I decided to built my own.

This plan is not perfect by any means. But what it lacks in accuracy, it makes up in simplicity.

This model, just like others, should convey to your investors that you understand the reasoning of growth. When you achieve that, you decrease their perception that you’ll face execution risk and increase your likelihood of getting funded!

I aim at hopefully helping early-stage SaaS entrepreneurs use the time they would spent building a financial model to instead, delivering value for their customers.

Attached you can find my model, ready for download. However, there is a methodology below, which you can access if you need some guidance.

Good Luck!

-Gary Gaspar

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel sheet, 1 methodology

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Should convey to your investors that you understand the reasoning behind growth. Use it to show where you are going, how fast you want to go and most importantly, explain how you will get there.


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