Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Template
Originally published: 22/12/2017 16:09
Last version published: 17/01/2018 14:02
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Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Template

Agreement template for celebrity/company collaboration for endorsement of the company's product.

Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

This document has been produced in a general manner without any industry-specific terms. However, it can be adapted easily to suit any product. This agreement outlines specific duties of each party and also provides for variables.

This can be used for products advertised and sold domestically or globally, and includes an English governing law and jurisdiction clause.

Words enclosed by square brackets indicate that these must be amended or added to. It is advised that you search for any remaining square brackets by using 'ctrl + f' to make sure everything has been sufficiently replaced.

Main features of this template:

-Simple language for ease of use
-Automatic clause referencing and clean formatting
-Suitable for both goods and services
-Comprehensive provisions will provide ideas
-Can be easily modified to tailor to the needs of both parties
-Appropriate warranties, indemnities, and exclusions

The document includes provisions for:

-Payment terms and royalties
-IP, rights protection, assignment conditions
-Mutual indemnations
-Share options
-Termination and rights protection for such circumstances

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